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Lessons in Leadership and the Power of Vision

This fantastic Keynote presentation has been our #1 most frequently requested motivational/inspirational program for years. Infinitely flexible, it is appropriate for events ranging from large conventions, conferences, and trade shows to smaller gatherings like company/departmental functions, faculty meetings or luncheons.

As the title suggests, every person, company, and industry has Goliaths:barriers, obstacles, or challenges. The key to success is not avoiding them (that's unrealistic) but rather dealing with and overcoming them.

While everyone remembers that David overcame Goliath in the epic battle over 3,000 years ago, very few people realize the leadership concepts he used and how we can utilize those same principles to help us in our lives today. A few of the strategies discussed include:

  • The importance of shifting your vision
  • Focusing on the goal, dealing with setbacks
  • The power of attitude
  • Coming together as a team to accomplish great things

    As every audience is different so, too, is every "Goliath" presentation. Specifically customized to your group or event, we will work with you to tailor the content to perfectly align with the unique challenges your participants face as well as any theme your meeting may have.

    This presentation is fast paced, interactive, and fun. Overcoming Life's Goliaths is the perfect way to kick off a function and set a positive, upbeat tone or close out an event sending everyone away ready to "take on the world."

    You have never heard a master storyteller tell a story like this and you will never forget it!

    "Dave Weber's dynamic presentation of 'Overcoming Life's Goliath's' is life changing. This outstanding workshop is the highest rated breakout session ever presented at a Chick-fil-A Operators Seminar"

      Tim Tassopoulos
      Sr. V.P. Operations

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