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Typical day in the life of a student:

Bell rings, kid dashes to his locker. He’s being hustled by his best buddy, to ‘hurry up to see the cute little girl on the bus’...they tear down the hallway forgetting all about today’s homework assignments. - OR - A student learns on Monday that there’s a big Unit test on Friday, but she doesn’t understand the lack of time she really has to study because of all her other activities. - OR - The pressure is on, the test is tomorrow and all his homework notes, quizzes and chapter tests are lost in ‘the locker black hole’ never to be seen again!

  • Back packs are exploding with books, but the one that’s needed for a test is at school
  • Lockers are full of dog eared papers and tests never to be seen again
  • Students have homework assignments written on their hands
  • Kids have energy -- but don’t understand time

  • The result: Struggling students who are smart but not focused because they’ve never been shown a simple, complete PLAN to manage all their stuff. They need to learn organization skills so they can see where their time is committed. They don’t have four whole days to study between Monday and Friday with band practice on Tuesday, youth group on Wednesday, an ‘away game’ on Thursday then BOOM, test day is here...kids need to develop the 5 key habits for school success!

    Great news, Dave Weber has the “process”!
    It’s called “I GOT THIS!!”

    In a very fun interactive 1.5 hour student workshop, Dave’s teaches students a “process” to:

  • Use a calendar to write ‘be theres’, tests and deadlines AND see the big picture of time that’s ‘already spent’
  • Really USE daily agenda pages and simple subject files to keep track of all their ‘stuff’
  • Create a home filing system to easily locate everything needed for mid-term reviews
  • All in a way that’s so FUN, students GET IT, and REMEMBER IT!!

  • As students get older, they’re becoming more responsible for their own work and parents naturally become less involved. Student activity levels increase and keeping a strong GPA is more important than ever in a day of rising standards. The worst thing that can happen is for a student to make poor grades and lose the motivation and vision to graduate! This workshop is perfect for students who are ‘at risk’ of not graduating and as a continuous improvement strategy for high achieving students.

    Very often when we work with a school or district we plan several sessions in a morning or afternoon to help as many students as possible.

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