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Motivational Speaker - Keynote Speaker

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Dave completely "cuts loose" in this program specifically designed for middle and high school students and tens of thousands of them have sat spellbound during this presentation. Created to encourage young people to make good choices in life and especially stay in school, don't expect some "stuffed shirt, coat and tie" presentation. Clad in jeans, cool shoes, spiked hair, and armed with silly string and $20 bills, Dave has figured out how to grab and hold onto students' attention to really get the message of this program into their heads and hearts.

Using stories, games, history, and magic, this high energy program has been created to be conducted during the school day regardless of whether the school is on a traditional 50-minute class schedule or on a block schedule.

As a result of this presentation students will be...

  • INSPIRED to overcome their challenges (peer pressure, family tension, etc)
  • ENCOURAGED to stay in school and apply themselves
  • ENLIGHTENED as to how the decisions they make today shape their future
  • INTRODUCED to educational options after high school
  • MOTIVATED to achieving their goals

    Dave's Goal: To challenge middle and high school students to make good choices, stay in school, and avail themselves of all their educational options after high school.

    Learn the secret that all great achievers have known and practiced...you have never heard a story teller tell a story like this...and you will never forget it.

    A CD of the presentation can be made available to the students for $5.00 each for them to take home.

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